Blogging on a Tuesday! 2/11/14

I was scrolling through my news feed, on Facebook like I do every morning. Its like reading the morning newspaper. I found this picture. I knew right away this would be my next blog.

What I want to know is why?

Why do we wait for friday? What makes this day so special? Because most people don’t have to work on saturday? OKAY, I get that. But if you’re not working what else are you doing? Cleaning? Cooking? If you’re not at work working you’re somewhere else working. Which in  my opinion is what life is about. That’s how it’s supposed to be. I am guilty of this too, wishing the week away, but for what?  Monday isn’t a bad day either, if anything it’s better than friday, it’s the start of a new week. Enjoy the stress Monday morning brings. One day you will be old and all your days will be the same, NOW that will suck.

Summer is my favorite season, as it is for a lot of people. But why do we wait all year for summer? Because the weather is warm? Because most don’t have school in the summer. Okay! Believe me I understand. But there is nothing wrong with winter or fall or spring, they are beautiful too! Everyone says the snow is so terrible, but my bet is we would miss it if it wasn’t around. PLUS, winter clothes are just as exciting and cute as tank tops and shorts. (:

I guess the point I am trying to make is that we don’t have to wait all our lives for happiness. Lets embrace the moments we are forced to face right now. We should stop wishing away what we have. Learn to love the moments we share right now. Everything is constantly changing, but I don’t have to remind anyone of that. I’ve heard many people complain about change, and many more wishing they could go back, and even more regretting ,that they didn’t take advantage of all the good that happened. We all live our lives so fast, if only we could slow down time, would you?

I am not at all trying to tell you how to live your life, if anything really, I am talking to myself. And today I am going to have a good day, I will embrace whatever it is that gets thrown my way today. In my short 19 years of  life, I’ve learned (and am still learning) life is a funny thing, all you can do is live it.

Happy Tuesday!!

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